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22 Август 09, 17:36 / Автор: Civitas Global
NGO Refugees United to receive 10% of album sales from indie-pop band múm
City, August 20th, 2009 - Until September 21st Refugees United, an NGO working to establish a global, anonymous tracing network between refugee families separated, will receive 10% of all sales of acclaimed band múm’s new record Sing Along to Songs You Don’t Know through the social music marketplace gogoyoko.com.

David Troensegaard from Refugees United says: “We’re very pleased with this unusual fundraising possibility, which sheds light on our quest to further family-finding knowledge and technology to some of the least fortunate among us: refugees. A new possibility for a new non-profit.”

Sing Along to Songs You Don’t Know, the fifth full-length studio album by the Icelandic group múm, will be released exclusively on gogoyoko.com, before the physical release via Morr Music in Europe and Euphone in the US.

About múm

múm was formed in 1997 and was originally a duo of Gunnar Örn Tynes and Örvar Þóreyjarson Smárason, but has in its 12 years of existence expanded and contracted in an irregular pulse, like a jittery mammalian heart. They have recorded and released five studio albums and an endless catalog of smaller releases and side projects off the beaten track. www.mum.is 

About Refugees United

Refugees United was formed in 2005 to provide refugees who have lost contact with loved ones during escape from conflict with a global, online and anonymous network to reconnect. The organization works with NGOs and private corporations worldwide in pursuit of its mission. www.refunite.org 

About gogoyoko

gogoyoko is a social music marketplace, where you can buy your music directly from the artists.

gogoyoko provides signed and unsigned artists with the opportunity to access the worldwide music market – without having to go through a middleman. www.gogoyoko.com
"arguably a career peak." **** Mojo Magazine

Buy the album online at http://www.gogoyoko.com/exclusive/mum

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